Why do our customers love us?

All of our ingredients and materials are made in the United States.

We hand pour every heart melt. 

All of our melt ingredients are free from animal product and are never tested on animals,

Biodegradable, Plant-based and Natural, Non-toxic, Cruelty Free,

Paraffin-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free, and more.

Our heart wax melts are made with a soy wax that creates a creamy, smooth heart with rich, vibrant colors. Our wax melts have a very high fragrance load, so they're fragrances are stronger and last longer. Our heart wax melts come in over 1000 fragrances but we only carry 50 at a time. Contact us if you don't see the fragrance you want, listed on our website.

Our heart melts can be used in all  warmers.

And best of all, a portion of every sale, goes to an animal sanctuary. 

Check out our Animal Sanctuary page.

Our Wax

Is all natural, renewable, non-toxic, biodegradable, 100% organic soy wax and give a great scent throw and vibrant colors.

Our soy wax is made from soybeans grown in the US on small family farms. Soy is a natural renewable source grown in many regions by local farmers so using wax made from soy we support small local family owned agriculture and farmers, allowing them to make money to provide for their families. 


Our Fragrances

Fragrance oils are composed of natural plant-based essential oils and some synthetic ingredients they all comply with global and legislative requirements. Our fragrance oils are never tested on animals and contain no animal products. 

All of our fragrances adhere to RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity. Our fragrance oils are Phthalate free, non-toxic and approved for bath and body products in the case that we ever branch off and produce bath and body products. 


Our dyes

It took many, many months for us to find dye that is  "vegan" because the candle pigment sold on the market is NOT vegan friendly. The majority of candle pigment is also sold in color chips that are made with paraffin wax.  We almost lost hope of finding a "Vegan" liquid dye and decided that we would have to offer natural colored candles but we finally found a company that specializes in making vegetable based candle and cosmetic liquid dyes. They don't have a lot of colors so we have to mix the colors by hand to get the color we need achieve but at least we have color. 


Our dye is eco-friendly, never tested on animals and does not contain crushed insects, worm, hazardous solvents or additives such as naphtha or naphthalene. Manufactured in the US, derived from vegetable oils and are Prop 65 and REACH Compliant

Our dyes make beautiful crisp, clean and bright colored wax melts.


Our Shipping Materials

We use recycled shredded crinkle paper for our packing material. No plastic, no peanuts. and it makes for great craft materials for kids. Give the kids some glue and paper and they can get creative with it. 

High Recycled Content Cardboard Boxes

Shipping boxes take a huge amount of abuse. We all know how much 'attention' our friends at USPS give our packages! We use boxes with the highest percentage recycled content possible, while ensuring your packages arrive safely.

Please recycle through your curbside recycling programs.

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