Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge

A portion of all June - August sales will be donated to the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge.

"Touring the Refuge is and incredible way to learn about and connect with farmed animals. Our resident ambassadors provide a glimpse into the intelligent, complex, and compassionate lives of animals. As their guest, you get to feed, interact with, and learn about chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, and goats."

"The Refuge provides lifelong care and protection for farmed animals rescued from abuse and neglect. From animal-centered architecture to daily enrichment activities for every resident, the Refuge 20 acres are a true sanctuary for over 100 rescued animals."

"The Refuge strives to inspire cruelty-free living by offering a welcoming and supportive community of advocates who work to answer questions and provide solutions for people interested in moving toward a vegan lifestyle. Through cooking classes, bake sales, food samplings, and other events, we work to demystify veganism and provide people with the tools they need to make compassionate choices."

"Through innovative literature, guided Refuge tours, and community outreach, the Refuge works to educate the public about the suffering factory farmed animals endure: intense confinement, physical mutilation, and the denial of the most basic behaviors."

"The Refuge is pioneering new design processes for creating compassionate animal housing. We strive to construct our residents' homes the way the animals would if they could build for the themselves. The result is not only a fantastic home for our rescues, but an attractive and striking visual representation of our values of equality and compassion for all. "There's no place like home" at the Refuge."

How you can support the Refuge

Become a Sanctuary Sustainer

Sustainers are essential to the Refuge!

"Sustainers help provide food and health care to all the residents at the Refuge. And your monthly recurring gift comes with a one-of-a-kind perks!"

Sponsor a Refuge Resident

Make a difference in the life of a rescued animal!

"Monthly animal sponsorship provides a steady source of funds to feed and provide top-notch care for our rescues. When you sponsor a resident, we send you their story and photo, along with a sticker."

Volunteer at the Refuge

Lend a hand and get to know our animal residents!