Pearls Preserve

A portion of all November and December sales, not profits, but straight off the top, will be donated to this wonderful pig sanctuary.

We had such a great time meeting Lexie and all 54 awesome pigs at Pearls Preserve today. We even helped expand the big pigs area by installing new fencing. The pigs and Lexie are very happy and appreciative and we were more than happy to lend a helping hand. We had a great time doing it. We all got a good, gut busting, teary laugh when Chris fell backward into the woods and got stuck. Yes, we got photos of that too. Favorite quote of the day "Chris you're getting really tan, like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie" -Lexie. Love that!

If you would like to visit, volunteer or donate to Pearls Preserve that would be such a blessing to them. Please consider volunteering even if its only for one day. It's an experience that you nor Lexie will soon forget.

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Living the dream...

Starting with a girl and her pig and a dream. Minnie Pearl is my best friend and my baby. I couldn't imagine my life without her. She is the one who caused me to open my eyes to compassionate living. Seeing the plight of pigs from a pet and farmed standpoint caused me to put our dreams into action. Sanctuary life is the best medicine I have ever experienced. It may be anxiety provoking but there is never a dull or depressing moment! Come experience some of the magic @ Pearls Preserve. We look forward to becoming good friends soon!​

Give me your tired, give me your weak,

Your frightened masses yearning to be free,

To all whom sanctuary is what you seek,

Give these beings amnesty,

Send the innocents to a life they deserve,

We welcome them with compassion, kindness and warmth here at Pearls Preserve.

With Much Love ,

Light and snout kisses,

Miss Lexie

Our mission is to give sanctuary to pigs and their fine feathered , hooved and pawed friends. Focusing on the casualties of pet pig breeding, pig agriculture and neglect. We strive to educate communities on compassionate living, pet-pig education and environmental awareness. We incorporate and encourage a vegan lifestyle to lessen the environmental impact of animal agriculture, unnecessary animal cruelty, and to promote healthy living. We are excited to meet you soon and for you- to meet our residents...learn their stories and make the connection for compassionate living!

We would be nothing without our amazing group of volunteers. Volunteers are welcome of all ages and abilities. Volunteering can mean anything from pig socialization , transportation assistance, shelter/fence building, special projects, indoor projects , event help and more. Lodging is available for those volunteers who do come from out of town. Please check out our Facebook, as well as the volunteer page to check out some great pictures of past events , future events and more. Thank you so much again to our current volunteers and to our future volunteers we can't wait to work with you !

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