Aspen Winter.png

I like to mix different scents.

This month I'm using Aspen Winter (peppermint) and Eucalyptus. It's my favorite mix so far although I say that with everyone.

Bob R.

Charlotte, NC

Sugar Cookie.jpg

Seriously the best! 

Your sugar cookie smells so good that I want to lick the air.

Adam Y.

Atlanta, GA.

Christmas at Grandma's.jpg

Christmas at Grandma's is mind blowing. As soon as I got a wiff of this I was taken back to my Grandmothers house on Christmas Day. 

David D.

Spartenburg, SC

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 2.11.02 PM.png

The Pretty in Pink is like BBW Sweet Pea but way better and it last for weeks. Two thumbs up! 

Sally P.

Lowell, MA


purchased 5 of your silver glass pluggables, one for each bathroom and I couldn't be happier. I have your tranquil bamboo in them. They are really the best and last so long.

Roz P.

Atlanta, GA


I love my black wax warmer.

It fits my decor perfectly.

I got black beauty in it now and it's perfect. 

Samatha B.

Monroe, TN

cucumber melon.jpg

I love cucumber melon lotion and now my apartment and office smell of cucumber melon. It's a clean, fresh scent.  

Angela H.

Boulder, CO


I had been looking for warmers for my beach house and when I saw your cape cod pluggables I knew that's what I wanted. We leave them on all the time when we are there.  Your heart melts are so fragrance that we can be gone for weeks and upon our return, even though the warmers are turned off, the whole house smells wonderful. We use the Coconut Breeze at the beach house because it's the epic scent of summer.

Samatha B.

Ocean Isle Beach , NC

Havanna Love.png

I can't get enough of Havanna love. I think I'm addicted to it's fruity, sweet n sourness. I can't explain what it does to my senses. It makes my mouth water.  Please don't ever discontinue this. 

Trevor and Sonya M.

Frankfort, KY

Silver Reflection  Glass.png

Love my wax warmer! I can't believe it was only $25.

I never shut it off.  

I ordered a lot of different wax smells because they are a buck and I mean come on at a buck I stocked up. They are all fantastic and they last so long. depending on the smell they are lasting anywhere from 8 days to  well over a month.

Reece J.

Saint Petersburg, FL

Lemon Grass.png

The lemon grass is perfect.

Thank you

Janice H.

Charlotte, NC

Faith Family Friends 1.png

After talking to you at the Atlanta Veg Fest last fall and learning more about the dangers of candles I did some more research of my own and it was really upsetting how many fires and deaths were caused by candles.  But I had so many candles that I didn't want to throw away. 

I decided to order your Faith Family Friends two in one wax melter so I could use up the candles without the flame and it's really great. I also just ordered a bunch of your hearts. I can't wait until they get here. 

Brenetta L.

Atlanta, GA


I picked up some Mistletoe at a Christmas show. I was looking for something like a Christmas tree and holy smokes this was right on.  I left my warmer on 24/7 and the fragrance lasted for almost two months. I couldn't believe it. I'm ordering more hearts today for spring and summer.

Tina R.

Gastonia, NC

Vintage White 1.png

I bought the vintage white 2-1 warmer for my grandmother. She loves the smell of candles but won't burn them because of the open flame.

She was so happy that she can now use her candles and get the fragrance to fill the room. I also bought her several of your hearts from the floral categories. I haven't seen her that happy in a long time. 

Vickie T.

Sarasota, FL

IMG_1924 2.jpg

PRIDE baby! Thank you considering the LGBTQ community and giving us our own scent.  I ordered six of them and I got one of each color of the rainbow. That was really cool

 not to mention that I swear Pride smells like what I would imagine a rainbow would smell like. It's so fruity.

Nick A.

Manhattan, NY

Vanilla Bean.png

Vanilla smells so good that I want to eat the hearts. Don't worry, I won't but still, YUM! 

Jason P.

Fayetteville, NC

Hazelnut Coffee.png

I'm a coffee nut and your hazelnut coffee lovely. 

Tracy W.

Rock Hill, SC

Harmony copy.png

The Harmony fan wax warmer is freaking amazing!  First off I was shocked how big it was. Defiantly worth every penny just for the size. 

The quiet fan is a perfect addition to a wax warmer because it blows the fragrance around the house.


Erica B.

Anderson, SC 

Sea Glass.jpeg

Your Sea Glass wall warmer it beautiful. I have one in each of our bathrooms. I like your Clean Cotton melt in the bathrooms.

Amy J.

Huntersville, NC

Love Potion #9.jpg

Your Love Potion #9 is almost identical to Loving Spell.  It's uhhhmazing!

Kari G.

Fort Mill, SC

Concord Grape.jpg

My bedroom smells so good.

Your grape is the best smelling grape I've ever found.

Brian B.

San Diego, CA


I can't begin to tell you how happy I am. I stopped by your booth at a show. The whole place smelled fantastic because of you guys.  I think I spent an hour with you smelling every one several times. Black Sea was my top favorite. It smells like a sexy man without all the drama of actually having a man hahaha.  Thank you for being so great. Anyone who meets you guys immediately feel loved, respected and valued. I hope to see you at the 2020 show.

Tasha W.

Atlanta, GA

Tranquil Bamboo.jpg

My favorite so far is tranquil bamboo. It's fresh, clean, and earthy all at the same time.  It's a very peaceful scent.

John G.

Asehville, NC


I bought two fireplace warmers in November and they are the coolest things I've ever seen. It's like I have a mini fireplace on my bookshelf and at my office. 

Carl S.

Charlotte, NC

Chevron 1.png

I'm a college student in a dorm and we can't have candles but we can have wax warmers because they're safe.

I picked up the light blue chevron 2 in 1 warmer and a bunch of wax melts when I was at the Charlotte Veg Fest Jr. The fragrance seems to last forever which is really nice especially for a college student on a budget.

Kayla B.

Charlotte, NC

Pumpkin Souffle.jpg

Pumpkin Soufflé is on point! 

Thank you for offering this year round.

Marybeth S.

Concord, NC


Your heart melts are my all time favorite. I used to purchase melts from well known companies and the fragrance dissipates with in a day or two but yours last for weeks.  Gardenia is one of my favorites.  Thank you for putting so much thought into your products and your business. I love that you are vegan and that you give to animal sanctuaries.

Aaron & Jane C.

Youngstown, OH


It's hard to find the perfect patchouli but ya'll nailed it.

Thank you so much.

Diana J.

Hampton, SC

Horizon 1.png

Your 2 in 1 warmers are so unique. I ordered the Horizon. My students like to give me candles and I would regift them, throw them out or give them to Good Will and I would feel so bad about it but I don't want an open flame in my apartment. But now I can just pop the candle on the warmer base. I really like that the wax melt cup is removable so I can go back and forth from candle to melts when I want to.  I currently  have your Hyacinth heart going and boy does it smell great.

Jen S.

Grand Rapids, MI

English Garden.jpg

English Garden!!! Holy crap I can't even tell you how freaking awesome this one is.  I thought Cactus Flower was my favorite but now I think it might be EG. 

Tiffani C.

Concord, NC


Your lemon is like pure lemon.

I have it in the kitchen in a wall plug warmer that I got from you all at a show.

Nancy Q.

Kannapolis, NC

nag champa.png

When I was little, my dad would burn nag champa so when I smelled your incense at the market I almost cried. I haven't smelled that scent in years and it reminded me of my childhood with my dad. He passed when I was young. I bought a dozen of them and a warmer in memory of him. 

Nicole T.

Sirma, GA

Fountain of youth.png

I have so many favorites but my most recent favorite is fountain  of youth. It's so clean, light, sweet and has a hint of baby powder.  It's makes me want to close my eyes and, relax and take deep breaths. 

Candice J.

Charlotte, NC

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