Heart Wax Melts $1 each
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We make wonderfully long lasting, fragrant wax melts that are good for the soul & environment.

Our  melts are made with a 100% American soy wax that creates a creamy, smooth heart with rich, vibrant colors.

We use a very high fragrance load so their fragrances are stronger and last longer.

We offer 6 different fragrance categories and carry 48-50 fragrance in stock at all times. We can make over 1000 fragrances.

If we don't have the fragrance your are looking for in stock, let us know and we can make it for you.

Our heart melts can be used in all  warmers.

The fragrance of one wax melt can last anywhere from 48 hours to a week or more with the warmer being left on 24/7.

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Candles 4 Life Floral Fragrance Wax Melts

Floral Collection 

Includes fragrances such as

Gardenia, Hyacinth, Lavender, Ocean Rose...

Candles 4 Life Earthy Fragrance Wax Melts

Earthy Collection 

Includes fragrances such as

Patchouli, Sandalwood, Incense, ...

Candles 4 Life Fresh and Clean Fragrance Wax Melts

Fresh & Clean Collection 

Includes fragrances such as

Cotton Tree, Cucumber Melon, Eucalyptus...

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Candles 4 Life Citrus and Fruity Fragrance Wax Melts
Candles 4 Life Food and Beverage Fragrance Wax Melts
Candles 4 Life Fall and Winter Fragrance Wax Melts

Food & Beverage Collection 

Includes fragrances such as

Vanilla, Cinnamon Bun, Sugar Cookie, Hazelnut Coffee...

Citrus & Fruity Collection 

Includes fragrances such as

Lemon, Grape, Apple, Strawberry...

Fall & Winter Collection 

Includes fragrances such as

Pumpkin Souffle, Apple Cinnamon, Peppermint...

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