Why we stopped making and selling candles



Yes, our name is Candles 4 Life and no, we don't make or sell candles...anymore.


For two years our customers loved our candles and keep coming back ever chance they get. But as we were working on improving our product, as we continually do, we came across some disturbing facts about candles and house fires. We learned that every 24 seconds a fire department in the US responds to a fire somewhere in the nation. Candles are the cause of an estimated 15,600 of those fires. That's almost 43 house fires everyday... caused by candles!  These fires claim the lives of more than 150 humans, cause more than 1,270 human injuries and countless animal losses every year. That got us thinking. Even though these fires a caused by improper customer use and is in no way the fault of the candle manufacturer, do we still want to produce and sell a product that can cause so much destruction and death? The answer was very clear and we didn't hesitate. NO!  We stopped candle production and pulled all of our inventory immediately. We decided that we would focus all of our efforts into our heart wax melts.  We reclaimed the wax from the candles and recycled them into more heart melts. We threw away thousands of dollars in labeling and wicks and recycled thousands of dollars in candle tins and lids. We took a huge financial loss but we will never regret it. We put life over profit. Your life is precious and no amount of profits is worth more than you. That my friend, is called Agape Love. 

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