For 10 years we owned a very popular and successful cakery. We made the big, mind blowing cakes that make you say, “Holy Sheet”. And then in 2017 our family of five had an awakening and we became vegan overnight and that was the end of the cakery, but it was the beginning of our vegan candles.  After becoming vegan, we learned many things, wonderful and terrible.


We learned that our favorite candle company at the time and the vast majority of other candle companies, were selling us toxic candles that are causing lung cancer and on top of that, we learned that they “top load” their candles with fragrance making their candles smell fantastic in the stores and for the first four hours of burn time. Over the years we would ask them why the fragrance wasn’t the same after burning it for a few days and the answer was always the same, “Did you leave your lid off? If you leave your lid off, the fragrance will dissipate”.  This is the farthest from the truth, we know this now.   

We spent eight months learning, researching, testing, and developing the perfect vegan candle. We wanted to do this right, to make a product we can be proud of.

We wanted all of our raw materials to be made in the US and to be “vegan” which means no animal product and not tested on animals. We also wanted everything to be non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable.  We struggled finding a vegan colorant and finally came to grips that our candles will all have to be white. Just before our launch date, we stumbled on the only vegan, plant-based colorant that we could find. We were thrilled and are very happy with how beautiful the colors are. 

It took some time to achieve our goals, we hit a few bumps in the road but we made it. Here we are, we did it.

We rebranded June 2019 to align with our morals, lifestyle, mission and love for all earthlings. We were originally Awesome Candles because our candles are freaking awesome, but Candles 4 Life is better suited for our mission as we donate a portion of every single sale to an animal sanctuary.  You can read all about them and see load of photos by clicking here

For two years we  sold our candles at small farmers markets, vegan festivals, other events and on our website. Our customers loved our candles and keep coming back ever chance they get. But as we were working on improving our product, as we continually do, we came across some disturbing facts about candles and house fires. That got us thinking. Even though these fires a caused by improper customer use and is in no way the fault of the candle manufacturer, do we still want to produce and sell a product that can cause so much destruction and even death? The answer was very clear and we didn't hesitate. The answer was NO!  We stopped candle production and pulled all of our inventory immediately. We decided that we would focus all of our efforts into our heart wax melt. We reclaimed the wax from the candles and recycled them into more  heart melts. We threw away thousands of dollars in labeling and wicks and recycled thousands of dollars in candle tins and lids. We took a huge financial loss but we will never regret it. We put life over profit. Your life is precious and no amount of profits is worth more than you. That my friend, is called Agape Love.    

In 2020 we will be going to big vegan festivals, huge pride festivals, Southern Women's Expo's along with several huge Christmas show. We will still be attending the smaller local community events that we have attended in the past.

We are considering offering wax melt making parties where you can be your own scentoligist and make your own heart wax melts. 

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